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ALL z Przemożnej Chętki

Our first havanese born 2008

Alek at the age of 2. 2010 year

Initially, we did not intend to act as a professional purebred dog kennel, we just wanted a dog. It was supposed to be small. There were always big dogs with us. We read about the breeds, we looked for different information. I found a description of a Havanese on the internet and I was sure that this was it, it all matched, even though I didn’t see any such shaggy live. However, the other members of our family decided that it should only be a Yorkshire terrier. Well, there was no way out 🙂 We brought female Zirma. Then came a thought, maybe try your hand at exhibitions? I couldn’t forget about the Havanese. After two years, a dog called Alek, i.e. ALL z Przemożnej Chętki, joined us. And it was love at first sight. Wonderful character, a specimen of health. Unfortunately, the Havanese also has disadvantages, he is very addictive 🙂 You have one and in a moment it turns out that you need to have more  🙂 Since then, when a Havanese joined our family, we have experienced a lot of love and joy. It does not matter if you are an adult and your children have moved out of the house or you have children, maybe other animals in the house, you’ve come to the right place, the Havanese can adapt to the situation, if you rest on the couch, he will be lying next to you, if you like hiking, Havanese will accompany you.


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TANIA Pilosus

Alek’s daughter, born 2011, our first breeding female with our kennel name.


Dady Alek with his daughter Tania.


LIVIA Pilosus, daughter of Tania, granddaughter of Alek.


Livia's daughters, great-granddaughters of Alek.

ALHENA Pilosus





Great-great-grandson of our Alek, puppie from litter “M”. Parents:  Angebratens Cruising With Pilosus i ALHENA Pilosus